Home Integrated Servomotors SM-Series


The drive unit is controlled by a data bus, such as USB or Modbus RTU (RS485). The motors have typically 2-3 times higher peak torque per weight compared to competitors. The device performs closed loop control of speed and position, and supports ramping with controlled acceleration. Protection features guard the device from over current, voltage, temperature and torque.

To facilitate standalone operation the unit also has digital and analog inputs and outputs, as well as encoder input and step motor emulation inputs. There are configurable features for simple control interfaces using buttons and potentiometers for standalone applications.


  • Continuous output of 100W and 0.32Nm torque at 3000rpm
  • Brushless outer rotor motor with peak torque of 2.0Nm
  • Integrated drive electronics with 4096 positions/revolution position sensor
  • PID regulator for position or speed control with torque limit
  • Ramp control of speed or position
  • Protection features for current, torque, voltage and temperature
  • USB full speed interface
  • Serial interface RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Quadrature encoder input for application use
  • Interface signals for step motor emulation (step/direction)
  • Up to 8 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs
  • 4 digital outputs capable of 50V/1A, with pulse, PWM and RC Servo control modes.
  • PC based software for setup and testing