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As of Firmware version 2.0, the Modbus Communication has been improved to ensure speed and stability. This change will affect customers upgrading from firmware 1.x.

After upgrading your motor, all you need to do is to swap the Modbus Communication Cables A and B, pin 7 and 8.

If the motor originally had FW 1.x, the bootloader will still communicate using the legacy setting of the Modbus.

Switch the Modbus cables after setting the motor in FW mode from Simplex Motion Tool, before manually shorting IN5 and IN6 at startup.

Check your Modbus Communication cables; A and B cables might have to be swapped. The motor has an automatic function to detect if the Modbus communication is the improved FW 2.x or the legacy FW 1.x.

The standard setting of the motor can be saved by storing data in the non-volatile memory.

This occurs when the Parameter File needed for the motor FW is not available in the Simplex Motion Tool folder. The Simplex Motion Tool Software was released before the firmware installed in the motor.

To solve this:

-Download the latest Simplex Motion Tool


-Download the latest Parameter Files

For further information please contact your Simplex Motion motor reseller or contact us directly.