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Application notes

This page shows examples and application notes to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Simplex Motion products.

Synchronized Movements

The Simplex Motion motors have made synchronized movements easy. By having encoder output and input, one motor can act like a master for multiple slave motors.

Synchronized Starts

The Simplex Motion motors can be set up as stand alone motors with a pre-programmed movements pattern. By sending a start signal from one motor to the others, the movements  are synchroized.


  • Using SimplexMotion integrated motors for simple standalone applications

    Shows how to use the motor unit with simple control from buttons and potentiometers.

    pdf-icon-small SmApplicationNoteStandalone_01b.pdf


  • Parameter files with setups for standalone applications

    Please refer to the application note for simple standalone applications for further descriptions.

    zip-file-icon ParameterFilesStandalone 130315.zip

For info regarding CNC applications, please visit this link.