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To ease the use of the integrated motor units there is a need for a central unit with a powersupply and means for connecting the motors to the equipment that will control them. The product SimplexMotionHub (or SmHub for short) is available to provide this.

It allows for easy setup of CNC applications using the Mach3 or LinuxCNC softwares by including a parallel port breakout board, a switchable mains outlet, charge-pump input for enabling, 0-10V for spindle speed control and customization features like internal screw terminals and an extra front panel connector.

For more general applications there is a USB to RS485 converter included to provide easy connection to a PC computer with the USB interface while controlling the motors in a robust RS485 network with the Modbus protocol.

The SM Hub manages up to 4 axis with one unit.
For multiple axis management of more than 4 axis, two SM Hubs can be connected to individual parallel ports for Mach3 control (CNC applications) or via USB (for custom PC control).