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SC-Series cables

Connection cable for SC-Series motors. With this cable you get access to all I/Os from the motor by attaching the stripped and tinned cables too your application.

Note, if you don’t use all the connections, make sure that the cable ends not used don’t touch each other creating shortcuts that can damage the motors. This can be done by cutting them off, detach them from the connection or in some over way making sure that they physically can’t touch each other’s ends.

picture of a red, green, orange, black and yellow cable

SH-/SM-Series cables

The cable is a 2 meter long cable with 8 cables protected by a braided cable protection sleeve.

It is mainly used to connect the SM100/SH100 integrated servo motors to the SimplexMotionHub unit, but can be used for other applications when using motors from the SM- or SH-Series.

SmHub Cable