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LONITECH, MedTech application

The next generation LoniMover

…and it is simply better in every way:

  • Energy consumption lowered with 87% (from 48W to 6W)
  • Power supply considerably reduced in size meaning that the total product size is reduced
  • Less heating from motor and power supply meaning a longer life cycle
  • Total Cost reduced and at the same time a huge performance improvement
  • Speed increased with more than 30% (from 150 mm/s to 200 mm/s), and having constant speed fluctuation lowered 10 times (from % to ‰)
  • Achieving a “Real-time feedback system” to ensure the accuracy and quality. This was not possible in the old stepper motor version
  • Possibility to record the performance for Quality Control purpose. Also a functionality that not was possible in the old version.
  • The LoniMover positioning accuracy Technical Note (Download)

The LoniMover 3

NEMA11 stepper motor and steppermotor control unit

The LoniMover 4


LM-4.1 LoniMover