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The products offered by Simplex Motion are integrated servomotors, integrated BLDC motors and a range of accessories to the motors.  Among the accessories, prodults like planetary gearboxes, brakes and cables are offered. Simplex motion also offers customized solutions like motor drive units, consisting of motor and brake, or, motor, brake and gearbox.

Integrated Servomotors

Read more about the integrated servomotors, their technical specification and performance metrics.

Integrated Brushless DC motors

Read more about the Simplex Motion Speed mode series based on BLDC motors.

picture on different servo motors

picture on different servo motors


Information and downloads for SimplexMotionTool software.

picture on a servo motor demopanel


Learn more about the supporting components developed by SimplexMotion used with SimplexMotion servomotors.

Customized products

A range of customized solutions, such as custom design and technology licensing.