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Brushless DC-motor with speed control

The speed control motor from Simplex Motion is a plug and play solution. Driver and control is integrated with the motor. The speed motor is based on an integrated brushless DC-motor design. Speed can easily be regulated and torque limited with the analog input. Start and stop the motor, change rotational direction and enter low speed mode with the digital inputs.

Download the data sheet for the speed control motor series;

pdf-icon-smallSpeed Control Motors Technical Data.pdf


  • Full speed interval

    Speed 0 – 6000 rpm. Regulation starts at 0 rpm!

  • Low speed mode

    Precision regulation between 0-400 rpm

  • Torque

    Adjust maximum allowable torque

  • Direction

    Choose direction of rotation

  • Encoder output

    Keep track of rotation

  • Alarm

    Monitor status of motor

  • Easy setup

    Add a switch and potentiometer and be up and running!

More info

Download the product sheet for short info about Speed motor series;

pdf-icon-small SimplexMotionLeafletSpeedmode.pdf

Download Start up guide for info about how to set up Speed motor series;

pdf-icon-small Speed mode start up guide.pdf

1Speed regulation 0 – 3,3 or 5V
2Start/Stop & Torque limitation 0 – 3,3 or 5V
3Rotation direction
4Alarm signal
5Encoder A
6Encoder B
7Speed High / Low